annual report 2015-2016


Mayor Oscar Leeser

City Council Peter Svarzbein, District 1 Jim Tolbert, District 2 Emma Acosta, District 3 Carl L. Robinson, District 4 Dr. Michiel Noe, District 5 Claudia Ordaz District 6 Lily Limon, District 7 Cortney Niland, District 8

City Manager Tommy Gonzalez

Chief Financial Officer Dr. Mark Sutter

Deputy City Manager, Public Works and Transportation Khalil Zaied

Deputy City Manager, Economic Development Cary Westin

Chief Performance Officer Nancy Bartlett

Advisory Board 2015 – 2016 Ret. General Dick Behrenhausen Bill Ketcherside

Jay Pritchard Danny Padilla Israel Rivera Mica Short Georgina Panahi


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